2014 Midnight Fireworks: Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Full Show HD)

Spectacular countdown celebration marked Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala 2014, attracting over 1 million visitors.


Etisalat Sales Fun Day 2013

EA120Etisalat firm is so grateful for the help and big contribution of its employees especially from the sales department. Achieving the company’s target earlier than they expect is a sign of a good leadership, management, marketing strategies and customer service. For a job well done like this, a celebration is needed to show how important everyone is. Mr Ayman Eldessouky, Chief Sales Officer of Etisalat, spearheaded a day full of fun, energy, challenges and prizes. Dubbed as “Etisalat Sales Fun Day 2013”, was held at Etisalat Academy in Dubai last Dec. 26, 2013. Morethan five hundred employees attended the said event. Present during the activities are the people in and out of the office of the sales department.EA106EA1EA109EA111 EA112 EA114EA26EA107EA38EA2EA6EA32EA59EA57EA69EA31EA70EA30EA92EA93EA72EA71EA55EA67EA68EA76EA82EA83EA98EA99EA91EA77EA9EA117EA118EA97EA95EA96EA94EA52EA58EA73IMG_6806 IMG_6765IMG_6764 IMG_6769 IMG_6762 EA100 EA101EA25EA24EA23EA19EA119EA40 EA41 EA44EA105

A waterspout in Oman

Dubai: Videos and photographs of a waterspout in Suwaiq in northern Oman went viral in the Sultanate as rains across the country brought mercury to sub twenty levels from Monday.
“A member of our forum uploaded pictures as well as [a] video clip and that went viral on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media,” Badar Al Baddaei, who runs http://www.rthmc.net, a website on weather conditions for Oman and the Gulf region, told Gulf News.
“First it was thought to be something like a twister but later people realised that it was waterspout,” he added.

A waterspout usually appears as a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud.
The Al Khuwair area of Muscat witnessed the most intense rains that lasted for almost 15 minutes otherwise it was light rains and drizzle in other parts of the capital.
The rains also fell across the Batinah region but no untoward incident was reported.
The Directorate General of Meteorology and Air navigation (DGMAN) has forecast said that clear to partly cloudy skies with chances of isolated rains were expected over Musandam, Buraimi, Batinah, Dhahirah, Muscat, Dakhliyah, South and North Sharqiyah. The next two days could see chances of isolated rain. Light to moderate winds are expected to keep the temperatures low.
(Source: GulfNews)

Etisalat Fun Day 2013

SSC26As a way of showing appreciation and how much they value the contribution of their well motivated and hardworking employees to the success of  Etisalat,  KR Channel Management headed by acting Director Ali Hassan together with Etisalat POS Management spearheaded a team-building activity full of fun, energy, challenges and excitement. Dubbed as “Etisalat Fun Day” (which was originally planned last December 10 and was moved to December 19) aims not only to experience social sports but to strengthen and uphold camaraderie among colleagues. The event was held in Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, the most modernized and best place in UAE when it comes to Paintball, Archery, Shooting and Golf. In Paintball competition, the group was divided into nine teams where Team B declared as winner while Team C took the second place. After a sumptuous foods provided during the lunch break, the participants proceeded to the field for Archery and Shooting competition. The said activity was indeed a fun day for all.

KR Mgt
Key Retailers & Channel Management: Rania Rabah (Specialist), Abdulaziz Alhammadi (Senior Manager),Hassan Al Ali (Acting Director), Ayat Ahmed, Nidhi Bansal (Managers), Ali Ginidy (Specialist)DSC_0115
Team B wins Champion for Paintball Competition
Team B wins Champion for Paintball Competition


Team C poses after winning 2nd Prize for Paintball Caopetition
Team C poses after winning 2nd Prize for Paintball Competition
Players of Team A
Players of Team A
Players of Team B
Players of Team B
Players of Team C
Players of Team C
Players of Team D
Players of Team D
Players of Team E
Players of Team E
Players of Team F
Players of Team F
Players of Team G
Players of Team G
Player of Team H
Player of Team H
Players of Team I
Players of Team I

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Brave Miss World – Trailer

Brave Miss World – Theatrical Trailer from Brave Miss World on Vimeo.

I haven’t seen this film but I’ll make sure ill watch it before the year ends.
The feature length documentary Brave Miss World tells the story of former Miss World Linor Abargil, who was violently raped just prior to the pageant, and her fight to heal and put her attacker behind bars. The film explores the trauma and stigma of sexual assault, through one woman’s inspiring journey from teenage victim to empowered survivor, lawyer and advocate. Linor is determined to take rape out of the shadows and bring it into the light by reaching out to others whose lives have been impacted by sexual violence. From the streets of Mumbai to college campuses in the U.S., the lack of justice available to survivors of rape is among the most critical issues of our times.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Promotional Video Budget went to Yolanda Victims

American film director, producer and creator of popular youtube videos spent the promotional budget of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” to Yolanda/Haiyan victims in Tacloban City, Philippines. Watch this very inspiring and touching video.

If Only For A Second

Published on Dec 4, 2013
20 cancer patients participated in a unique makeover experience.
They were invited to a studio. Their hair and makeup were completely redone.

During the transformation, they were asked to keep their eyes shut.
A photographer then immortalized the moment they opened their eyes.

This discovery allowed them to forget their illness, IF ONLY FOR A SECOND.

“The Prayer” for Philippines

The Prayer For Philippines #ThePrayerForPH
[Download The Prayer at http://www.spinnr.ph. All proceeds will go to the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation to help rebuild the lives of those in the Visayas.]


On October 15, 2013, an earthquake with the energy equivalent to “32 Hiroshima bombs” devastated the Visayas, and parts of Mindanao and southern Luzon.

Two days later, the Loboc Children’s Choir sang, “The Prayer,” with the rubble of the hundred year old Loboc Church as their backdrop.

Their performance moved so many people here and abroad. Then, tragedy struck again.

On November 8, Typhoon Yolanda, the most powerful tropical cyclone of the year hit East Samar, Samar and Leyte.

Thousands died. Millions were left hungry, desperate, and homeless.

Relief efforts from the Philippines and the rest of the world are currently helping the victims survive and find temporary homes.

But the bigger challenge is how to help all these people get back to their normal lives.

This is where we took inspiration from the Loboc Children’s Choir’s performance.

These children may be from Bohol, but their innocent voices represent not just their home province but also earthquake-damaged Cebu, war-stricken Zamboanga, and typhoon-devastated Leyte, Samar, and Iloilo — all of whom are praying for a miracle to allow them to rebuild their lives.

And so we asked the help of various Filipino artists to lend their voices, to represent our country, and show the world that the Philippines has one voice, one prayer — that we work together to help our countrymen rebuild their lives brick by brick.

The resulting song will be used to raise funds through downloads. The proceeds will go to the helpPH campaign, a project by the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF). It is a non-profit organization made up of major companies from the private sector and leading NGOs. PDRF, organized in October 2009 after Typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, and Frank to tap resources for reconstruction efforts during emergencies brought about by calamities, is one of the three identified institutional conduits approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to facilitate cooperation and coordination between the Philippine government and the private sector in formulating and implementing reconstruction strategies.

Its goal for Cebu, Bohol, Zamboanga and now the areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda is long-term solutions and programs that will bring businesses and jobs back to these areas. They are also planning to look into better designs for houses more suited for a country that gets hit by typhoons and earthquakes. They are focusing on rebuilding the communities which includes: immediate help, provide housing, education by rebuilding school houses, providing economic incentives, and livelihood opportunities.

As a way of giving thanks to all the countries that helped us, we offer to them “The “Prayer”.

To download “The Prayer” visit http://www.spinnr.ph.

Participating Artists:


Filipina swimmer stripped of gold in SEAG

Filipina swimmer stripped of gold in SEAG

A Filipina swimmer won first place in the Southeast Asian Games but was stripped of the gold following a protest from Thai officials. National swimmer Jasmin Alkhaldi bagged a gold medal after she overcame her Singaporean rivals during the 100-meter race. But right after the awarding ceremony, her win was forfeited after Thailand’s camp protested about a “false start.” Organizers upheld the protest but PH is set to to appeal the ruling. Organizers upheld the protest and stripped Alkhaldi of the win. A re-race has been set at 7:30 pm Manila time.