Etisalat Sales Fun Day 2013

EA120Etisalat firm is so grateful for the help and big contribution of its employees especially from the sales department. Achieving the company’s target earlier than they expect is a sign of a good leadership, management, marketing strategies and customer service. For a job well done like this, a celebration is needed to show how important everyone is. Mr Ayman Eldessouky, Chief Sales Officer of Etisalat, spearheaded a day full of fun, energy, challenges and prizes. Dubbed as “Etisalat Sales Fun Day 2013”, was held at Etisalat Academy in Dubai last Dec. 26, 2013. Morethan five hundred employees attended the said event. Present during the activities are the people in and out of the office of the sales department.EA106EA1EA109EA111 EA112 EA114EA26EA107EA38EA2EA6EA32EA59EA57EA69EA31EA70EA30EA92EA93EA72EA71EA55EA67EA68EA76EA82EA83EA98EA99EA91EA77EA9EA117EA118EA97EA95EA96EA94EA52EA58EA73IMG_6806 IMG_6765IMG_6764 IMG_6769 IMG_6762 EA100 EA101EA25EA24EA23EA19EA119EA40 EA41 EA44EA105


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