Friday the 13th Adventure

The following photos were taken during our Friday the 13th adventure in Fujairah, UAE. My sister Cherrylyn and her boyfriend Mark joined me in an almost seven hours journey. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of UAE. “Fujairah, we are growing”

DSC_6266Our Friday the 13th AdventureDSC_6268DSC_6261DSC_6311DSC_6336DSC_6355DSC_6362DSC_6359DSC_6295DSC_6313DSC_6343DSC_6372DSC_6346DSC_6408DSC_6412DSC_6401DSC_6427DSC_6428DSC_6418DSC_6432DSC_6449DSC_6465DSC_6447DSC_6482DSC_6483DSC_6487DSC_6438DSC_6442


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