Aswang in Milagros: A Very Short Story


“Tawo na may pakpak, dako dako an baba, mapula-pula an mata, tirindog an buhok, kag bagan kalansa lansa san hitsura,” this was how she described the aswang.

Mila (not her real name) went home to Milagros last summer this year to spend quality time with her family. She’s very happy being with them again and she enjoyed her favorite local foods. But what really made her vacation unforgettable was her unexpected encountered of what we locally called “asbo”. She was not expecting that at this modern age the evil exists in the form of “aswang”. And I was not surprised of her story because even my mother had told me about these horrible myths in our barangay were true.

On May 27, 2015 Veronica (not also her real name) invited Mila for a social gathering. Veronica lives in a sitio of a Barangay, a not secluded area and the place sounded like a family name of one of the active councilors of Milagros. According to Mila, it was two hours before the twilight when a dusty four-wheel vehicle stopped in between Veronicas’ house and a church, a church of a religion that built the biggest indoor arena in the world. Mr. Recipe, a well-known person in town came outside of his car. The last time Mila saw him was 30 years ago so she just smiled at him as a gesture of recognition. “Ang laki na ng pinagbago nya, ang laki ng mata nya at namumula,” she says. “Guinparatulok ako siguro guinakilala nya kon taga Milagros ako.” I asked Mila if Mr. Recipe was part of the said event and she clarified “No, may pinuntahan na ibang house pero dun sya banda bumaba malapit sa tinatayuan namin ng pinsan ko.”

The world was her oyster for the next couple of days; she traveled to east and west side barangays to celebrate fiestas. As a matter of fact, she had an impromptu speech before the crowd and was given the chance to crown the majesty queen.

On May 30, 2015 Mila stayed in her house located near to a public cemetery. “Around 12midnight may nababati ako na sit-sit, I just ignored it. At 12:30 nag brown-out so I decided to go out and rest in our balcony,” she narrated. “Ang liwanag ng buwan at busy ako kakapaypay…then biglang lakas ng hangin sa may niyogan sa natad namon so napalingon ako dun. Doon ko nakita an tawo na may pakpak, dako dako an baba, mapula-pula an mata, tirindog an buhok, kag bagan kalansa lansa san hitsura ..nagalupad lupad,” she added. Mila is a well-disciplined person that even in a situation like this she was calm and self-controlled, even though she was scared! “Dumalagan ako pasulod, sinara ko an pintuan sa kahadlok ko tapos may nabangga ako na lamesa kaya na out of balance ako,’ she said. “Nakita gali ako san kabulig namon kay nakamata man kay may nabati man sya na kaloskos sa bubong.”

The next morning Mila’s knee was swelling. “So sa tingin mo yung nakita mo na ASBO ay si Mr. Recipe,” I asked her. “Di ko po sure pero damo akon nabati na istorya about him before the incident. Surprisingly, damo gali san guinakuno sa lugar ko banda,” she answered.

On the eve of May 31, 2015 Mila went to balcony again with her mobile and flashlight thinking aswang will comeback. “Baliw ka rin ano, talagang inabangan mo,” I jokingly uttered her. “Of course pag na videohan ko sya may bibili at pwedeng mapagkakakitaan, Im a businesswoman Gerald! Kaso wala, hindi nagpakita,” she said.

Mila left Milagros on June 2, 2015 with unfinished task.

Disclaimer: This story might be fictional to some but Mila shared this not to scare nor humiliate a person but for us to be aware of what might happen. The names were changed due to the sensitivity of the story.
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*Originally posted on TMA (Taga Milagros Ako) FB Page.
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