Rediscovering Guinluthangan


It was intensely hot Tuesday morning, power was out and a frustrating slow mobile network service that I needed to put my smartphone atop our main door. While waiting for my fiancée’s text, Mama suddenly wondered what would be my plan for the day, sitting down at our bamboo sofa and joyfully playing candy crush on her old iPad. I took my phone and checked my bucket list only to realize that the most beautiful beach of the Philippines was still unchecked. And so I told her that I might be leaving the following day for Boracay. She gave me a look as if she was about to blurt at me with that are-you-serious? but behind it was a hidden statement “you can’t just leave now”. So, she helpfully and willfully suggested a long list of where to go just within the province. “Bakit di ka na lang pumunta sa Paraiso de Palani sa Balud, maganda doon para ka lang nasa Boracay,” recommending with a poker face. “Thanks Ma pero baka may alam kang magandang puntahan dito lang sa Milagros, ayaw ko na magbiyahe ng malayo,” I said trying to convince her. And she bluntly said “Guinluthangan, try mo!”

With Ate Ruth Beluso and Brgy. Captain Nora Beluso.

The next thing I know, I found myself right in front of Beluso Residence in Masbate City waiting for Ma’am Nora and Ate Ruth to come out. I was to arrange my trip to their family owned island. Their empire! The first was no longer a stranger to me because I meet her countless times with my Lola Edith Rosero during their old days as public school teachers in Milagros East District. While the latter was, presumably, my first meeting or at some point our paths might have crossed already but was never given a chance of proper introduction or whatsoever. Ma’am Nora, as she was fondly called, is a retired principal and currently serving as an elected Brgy. Captain of Guinluthangan. Ate Ruth was very accommodating and won’t leave me until I haven’t devoured every single food that they have ordered from a well-known fast food restaurant. She told me that everyone in the island was informed and all were arranged already and so another adventure for me is totally underway. She promised me that this experience will definitely be worth remembering.

The Guinluthangan Island


“Guinluthangan” is a Hiligaynon word means “Pinagbarilan.” The island spans 42 hectares of coastlines with 205 households residing on it. The small piece of land was originally owned by Mrs. Emperatris Lim Zafra and Adriano Zafra. The couple then sold the island to Mr. Fermato Medina, former district supervisor of Milagros. About 40 years ago, Mr. Medina decided to sell the island to Mr. Amado Beluso of Roxas City. Before Mr. Amado died, he entrusted Remedios Beluso and Roberto Beluso to take care of the island.

Since then, the Belusos were never ever replaced as ruler for the barangay governance. “May pagkakataon po ba na may lumaban sa family nyo during the election? I asked politely. “So far wala naman, the people know that we own the island and we govern it accordingly,” Mrs. Beluso replied.

Fishing is the islanders’ main source of income, making Guinluthangan as the second biggest supplier of “dried Bolinao” (Dilis) in the municipality of Milagros. Some do business through their sari-sari stores and some prefers planting vegetables at their small backyard.

Brgy. Calasuche Port

Adventurous Feet:

Annabelle Dadula together with Alex Cedillo willingly hopped in to this rather exciting island adventure to Guinluthangan, all agreed to depart for the island at 7AM. We had our breakfast at a small restaurant in Brgy. Calasuche. There, we rented an outrigger boat for only Php1,000.00 (a whole day trip) and had an eager boat owner Nonoy Mahusay to take us all the way to the island and on our way back to Calasuche. It took us two hours sea travel and was generally smooth and comfortable trip. We arrived at our destination at exactly 9:35AM. The crystal clear sea water along the coastline cannot be ignored as it was apparently noticeable. Such a beauty!!

With Mrs. Erlinda Sinadjan, Mrs. Inang Beluso and Mr. Sinadjan

We went directly to Barangay Hall while we were still enjoying that tickling sensation of the stunning off-white sand of the island under our feet (kind of therapeutic). There we were greeted enthusiastically by a young girl and asked us with hesitation: “Kayo po ba ang bisita ni Kapitan Beluso?” With full excitement, I said, Yes, to our joyful greeter. She instructed us to follow her and brought us to the place where Mrs. Inang M. Beluso was waiting for us. Refreshments were served which we gleefully accepted as we were all thirsty because of the excruciating heat of the sun. We were introduced to some locals who would eventually be responsible of showing us around the island. Mr. Sinadjan, a father of my sister’s friend, came to join us too.  Later, Mrs. Erlinda B. Sinadjan came too and asked us where we want to go, “we want to wander around the island,” I replied.

With Annabelle Dadula

“Our life here is very simple. Everyone is doing their part to make this place very clean. Early in the morning people would start cleaning the backyard, kids after school would help their parents to fix “lambat” used for fishing. Gambling is definitely a big NO NO in the island. As there was no permanent and stable power supply, houses will light up generally from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The garbage dumping site would be strategically located in the middle of the island. Potable water is a bit of an issue but the whole community would have their common place to get water from for daily household usage and they would have to be scheduled in fetching from deep water wheel.” Mrs. Sinadjan enthusiastically explained, as we walk on our way towards IslaBel Resort forgetting the heat of the sun.DSC_0260.JPGG20DSC_0256.JPGDSC_0265.JPGDSC_0266.JPGG7G15

Annabelle by then would exclaim: “sosyal kayo dito halos lahat naka cable” she was referring to a prepaid cable network service provider supplied using satellite dishes. At that point, we were already at “IslaBel Beach Resort” and started picking up gorgeous sea shells. We were served with a sumptuous lunch Adobong Baboy, Tinolang Manok, Sweet (sugar coated deep fried) Dilis, steamed crabs and a bountiful fresh sea foods I can’t singularly name, of course all locally produced, all were cooked with a heart by Mrs. Emily Halang.G36G37

Around 1:00 PM, we started pacing to our next destination, Puroks 3-7. As we walk, local people gave us a curious look but they would still offer their friendly and genuine smiles. Even kids on their way to school would surprise us with courtesy and politeness, as we were all bade with: “Good afternoon Sir, Good Afternoon Ma’am.” We stopped at a small sari-sari store to have some kind of a ‘soda pit stop.’ The store owner won’t accept payment initially but we insisted otherwise we will not take them, we jokingly told her. In return instead, she offered to give us free dried fish, which I don’t think she should be obliged of doing so but I would assume, it was more of a gesture of being hospitable, a trait which is very organic to us Filipinos. In that short period stay in the island, we were treated with such tenderness and importance. The local people were amazingly generous and honestly kind. Evidently, they were amazingly happy and truthfully contented with their island lifestyle. The smiles were simply organic. G31G4G17G6G30.jpg


By 2:00 PM, we literally wandered every possible place we have to go, so I guess it was high time to hit that inviting crystal clear turquoise waters. Swimming time!! The water was gorgeous! A stunner! Indeed, an awesome conclusion of our short but exciting island excursion. And of course, actions like these would never be complete without all our poses not properly documented. And there we go with our unli-selfies with our smart phones.G38G44G42

Such a bang, indeed! We were oblivion of the time and realized that it was time to go home. It was 4:00 PM said my watch. With a heavy heart, we need to go and should be back at Calasuche port before nightfall otherwise it would a bit unsafe for us to travel back if it would be dark.

We left with a heavy heart but definitely with a big indelible smile painted on our faces. What an awesome simple experience to cherish. We will never forget this very idyllic place with very warm hearted inhabitants. We will always look forward to live with a community away from a hedonistic lifestyle. We, therefore, claim that Guinluthangan is an island paradise!G9DSC_0269.JPGG18G23G29G21




And hey now, I truly confer that “Mother knows best”! Like seriously!


Bags already packed with your beach outfit and give IslaBel Resort, Guinluthangan Island, Milagros a try??


Please contact Ms. Ruth Beluso through her personal Facebook account

or PM me for her contact number. Thank you for reading and would be happy to hear your share of story about the island!


amBAG Ko Sa Milagros : Love, Hope and Happiness

The late US President John F Kennedy once said “don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask instead, what you can do for your country.” This famous line motivated not only me but I guess 90% of the people living on the planet. If you belong to the remaining 10% then think of what the 90% did.

This quote serves as a paradigm to TMA (Taga Milagros Ako), a Facebook page created by Mark Tambal last 2010. The founder’s mission is not only linking people from Milagros but let them be part of whatever project the group may have in the future in which TMA-BULIG (Taga Milagros Ako – Building and Uplifting the Lives of In need Groups) came into existence.

Collaboration of 3 Private Groups
While the Philippines is on the verge of investigation of the PDAF Scam, three social network groups met online on January 28, 2014 not to keep pace with the anti-pork barrel movement but to make stand on their respective groups’ missions. MKET (Masbatenos, Kabataan, Edukasyon, Turismo) together with 4D3 Enterprises expressed to TMA their plans for the province of Masbate. The core group agreed the proposed project to be held in Milagros before the opening of school year 2014 – 2015. The joint project dubbed as “amBAG ko sa Milagros” catered the thirty nine (39) elementary schools in different barangays wherein around two thousands incoming grade one pupils received bag, school supplies and T-shirts. It was a very heart touching moment witnessing the joy not only with kids but the parents who accompanied their children coming from a far. Listening to the parents stories on how they get in and what they gone through to reach the area where distribution is taking place will really melt your heart, other walked how many kilometers under the heat of the sun and others crossed the river yet they told us it was worth it walking the distance for their kids.

After this successful outreach program, “we are planning to launch more projects in due time not only in Milagros but for the whole province of Masbate“said Engr. Dennis Cruel, founder of MKET. “The reason why I chose grade 1 because looking back my time as first grader, I don’t have a piece of paper, pencil and I have not seen a bag in my elementary years due to poverty. I never stopped going to school just because I don’t have those things thus it drove me more to give importance to education despite the poverty that I was going through during those days and encouraged me in doing business and this experience molded who I am today,” shared by Ms Kath Arcenas-Nuhs, 4D3 admin.

Allocating Budget and Finding Sponsors Love2
We started campaigning for the said cause shortly after the meeting and I can say that looking for good Samaritans in apropos to the project was not easy. Surprisingly, we got a positive response from Milagrenos who were now working and living abroad. More than a hundred showed their support to our planned undertaking. “Damo-damo man na salamat sa padayon na pagabulig sa aton mga kabataan sa Milagros. Kun dili sa iyo mga ideas kag sa mga maayo na kaburot-on, dili ini maisasakatuparan,” said Susan Sia-Estipona of New York, USA.

“Naiintindihan ko kag nababatyagan an kadipisilan san buhay sa aton. I’m happy to be a part of this program and to be of help. Thanks,” added by Delia Delman Ramos of Windhoek, Namibia. They were just but a few of our local sponsors who motivated us to push through in making a difference for Milagros. Ironically, most of our benefactors prefer not to mention their names and identity as they believed that being generous to others in silence is more genuine and satisfying. “We are so grateful for the positive feedback of our sponsors,” said Jovyleen Asebuque, TMA administrator.

TMA – Train, Motivate and Act.Love29
Meanwhile, on May 20-21, 2014 TMA-BULIG conducted a seminar – workshop for recreational reading and creative writing. This two – day workshop entitled as “ANI: Milagros Harvest of Young Talents” was held at the Conference Hall of Milagros West Central School, aimed to mold more and enhance the skills of students specially those who wanted to pursue their careers in journalism and broadcasting. To inspire the participants, we invited our very own Enrique Sia Villasis to be the keynote speaker. Mr. Villasis is an awardee for three consecutive years of Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and currently working at ABS-CBN’s Creative Department. Milagros future writers thanked TMA-BULIG for this opportunity that made their summer vacation worthy and productive.

Uplifting LivesLove35
One of TMA-BULIG missions is to help the youth and the unemployed to find jobs abroad. Janessa Medina-Bacolod, Recruitment and Operations Manager of Aboitez Jebsen Company in Manila, is continuously helping the Filipinos in fulfilling their dreams of working abroad and her priority applicants are definitely from Milagros, her hometown. “To the students, don’t just aim to finish school, aim to earn by having a job!” Janessa was quoted as saying. Another Milagreño who keeps helping our “kahilungsod” is Cherrylyn D. Rosero, a Senior HR Officer in a group of hotels based in Dubai, UAE. Modesty aside, these two UP graduates from Milagros had already sent numbers of Milagrenos abroad particularly in the Middle East. “This is the area where I can be of big help to jobseekers from Milagros so I am doing this because of opportunity given and I know how it feels of being why not help them in my own little way,” Che said.

Walk the Talk Quietly
After three months of working between the groups, sponsors, suppliers and volunteers, the goods were distributed to the young bloods of Milagros on May 21-26, 2014. Kath Arcenas and Jovyleen Asebuque who flew all the way from California and Texas USA, respectively, personally handed the bags to the kids.

34 kids from Bonbon Elementary Schools waiting for their crocs shoes from Rise Above Foundation (8AM May 21, 2014)
34 kids from Bonbon Elementary Schools waiting for their crocs shoes from Rise Above Foundation (8AM May 21, 2014)
10 kids from Matanglad Elementary School (9AM May 21, 2014)
10 kids from Matanglad Elementary School (9AM May 21, 2014)
34 kids of MR Espinosa Elementary School (1PM May 21, 2014)
34 kids of MR Espinosa Elementary School (1PM May 21, 2014)

Marcel Espayos and Ron Passion, both admins of 4d3 were also present. “I thought madali lang ung job but nung nasa field na kami nakakapagod, napakainit, maalikabok, so many hindrances but we surpassed and it’s all worth it when we saw the laughter in their face while extending their gratitude. I know was just a small thing but it would be of big help for those who cannot afford to buy those stuffs. I can’t express my happiness in fulfillment of this activity.” said Marcel. Volunteerism really worked on this event and wouldn’t be nice to see how people from all walks of life gathered and facilitated to make project successful.love39
44 kids of Tawad Elementary School pose with the volunteers (8AM May 23, 2014)
44 kids of Tawad Elementary School pose with the volunteers (8AM May 23, 2014)
58 kids from Capaculan Elementary School (9AM May 23, 2014)
58 kids from Capaculan Elementary School (9AM May 23, 2014)
43 kids @ Cayabon Elementary School (10AM May 23, 2014)
43 kids @ Cayabon Elementary School (10AM May 23, 2014)
Jovyleen Asebuque poses with the kids and volunteers. @Milagros West Central School (8AM May 24, 2014)
Jovyleen Asebuque poses with the kids and volunteers. @Milagros West Central School (8AM May 24, 2014)
101 kids from Milagros West Central School (8AM May 24, 2014)
101 kids from Milagros West Central School (8AM May 24, 2014)
Kath Arcenas makes sure that school supplies are inside the bag. @ Taisan Elementary School
Kath Arcenas makes sure that school supplies are inside the bag. @ Taisan Elementary School
75 kids from Taisan Elementary School and 25 kids from Pamangpangon Elementary School (8AM May 24, 2014)
75 kids from Taisan Elementary School and 25 kids from Pamangpangon Elementary School (8AM May 24, 2014)
96 kids from Bangad Elementary School (10AM May 24, 2014)
96 kids from Bangad Elementary School (10AM May 24, 2014)
82 kids from John Miller Elementary School (10AM May 24, 2014)
82 kids from John Miller Elementary School (10AM May 24, 2014)
Milagros East Central School- 45 pupils, Capaclan Elementary School- 13 pupils, Tinaclipan Elementary School- 27 pupils, Vicente Oliva Sr. Elementary School- 54 pupils, Jose Aninang Primary School- 9 pupils  (8AM May 25, 2014)
Milagros East Central School- 45 pupils, Capaclan Elementary School- 13 pupils, Tinaclipan Elementary School- 27 pupils, Vicente Oliva Sr. Elementary School- 54 pupils, Jose Aninang Primary School- 9 pupils
(8AM May 25, 2014)
A dance number from one of the schools of Milagros East District (8Am May 25, 2014)
A dance number from one of the schools of Milagros East District (8Am May 25, 2014)
 Their way of thanking the sponsors and volunteers.
Their way of thanking the sponsors and volunteers.

On behalf of the three groups, we would like to thank the following people for their unwavering supports, unselfish services and for getting involved in this unprecedented project. First, our anonymous sponsors, MKET and 4D3 admins, Sheila S. Madronio, Nina E. Francisco, Nonoy Bacolod, Melinda A. Orlet, Father Henry Dalanon, Ms. Ghe Canete, and Rise Above Foundation of Happy Valley, Cebu City. Our school facilitators, Ms. Gemma Lagaras, Manjie Arcenal and Jocyven Mesa. To our unknown volunteers, teachers, Arcenas family, and lastly, to someone who said “I am the way, the truth and the life”, may Your name be always glorifiedlove48love50
“I am still in disbelief up to this very moment that TMA is really making a difference, certainly living up to its description, reconnecting to its kapwa – Milagreño by these overwhelming activities from outreach programs to skills development. And I am very certain na dili lang ini hasta didi na lang kundi damo pa san maabot, mas daragko pa na mga proyekto kalooyan lang kita san Mahal na Ginoo. Maski kanay ginasabi ko an akon mantra na “basta may ginamaw-ot, may makakab-ot’, basta usad kamo tanan sani na mga pagmaw-ot. sigurado damo pa kita san makakab-ot,” says Mr. Tambal. “Sa mga kahilungsod ko and even to those who are technically non- Milagreño who were one with us, my unlimited gratefulness for the trust and continuous support to whatever we are up to. Sabi ko gani, “waran mabulig sa Taga Milagros kundi kapwa nya man lang Taga Milagros.” Padayon lang po kita san aton siyak na, TAGA MILAGROS AKO. Salamat po san damo damo gayud kag Dios Mabalos,” he added.love52love53love50


Indeed, love, hope and happiness are things worth sharing to our birthplace and TMA will always empowers its members for progressivism in Milagros.

Etisalat Fun Day 2013

SSC26As a way of showing appreciation and how much they value the contribution of their well motivated and hardworking employees to the success of  Etisalat,  KR Channel Management headed by acting Director Ali Hassan together with Etisalat POS Management spearheaded a team-building activity full of fun, energy, challenges and excitement. Dubbed as “Etisalat Fun Day” (which was originally planned last December 10 and was moved to December 19) aims not only to experience social sports but to strengthen and uphold camaraderie among colleagues. The event was held in Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, the most modernized and best place in UAE when it comes to Paintball, Archery, Shooting and Golf. In Paintball competition, the group was divided into nine teams where Team B declared as winner while Team C took the second place. After a sumptuous foods provided during the lunch break, the participants proceeded to the field for Archery and Shooting competition. The said activity was indeed a fun day for all.

KR Mgt
Key Retailers & Channel Management: Rania Rabah (Specialist), Abdulaziz Alhammadi (Senior Manager),Hassan Al Ali (Acting Director), Ayat Ahmed, Nidhi Bansal (Managers), Ali Ginidy (Specialist)DSC_0115
Team B wins Champion for Paintball Competition
Team B wins Champion for Paintball Competition


Team C poses after winning 2nd Prize for Paintball Caopetition
Team C poses after winning 2nd Prize for Paintball Competition
Players of Team A
Players of Team A
Players of Team B
Players of Team B
Players of Team C
Players of Team C
Players of Team D
Players of Team D
Players of Team E
Players of Team E
Players of Team F
Players of Team F
Players of Team G
Players of Team G
Player of Team H
Player of Team H
Players of Team I
Players of Team I

SSC3DSC_0086DSC_0084DSC_0023DSC_0036DSC_0060DSC_0034DSC_0173SSC48SSC46SSC47SSC53SSC54SSC55IMG_4582IMG_4589IMG_4594IMG_4630IMG_4590IMG_4579IMG_4592DSC_0027DSC_0138DSC_0137DSC_0152DSC_0154DSC_0164DSC_0108DSC_0125DSC_0142DSC_0132DSC_0172DSC_0098DSC_0107DSC_0178DSC_0276DSC_0013DSC_0330DSC_0351DSC_0359DSC_0358DSC_0356DSC_0357DSC_0009 DSC_0434DSC_0479SSC59DSC_0492DSC_0520DSC_0512DSC_0448DSC_0430SSC61SSC56SSC571CDSC_0009DSC_0360DSC_0368DSC_0396DSC_0407DSC_0416DSC_0402DSC_0409DSC_0366DSC_0382SSC24

IPM Dubai-UAE 2013 Wedding Table Championship Winners


One of the highlights during the 8th edition of IPM Dubai 2013 (International Plants Expo Middle East) held last November 17-19, 2013 at The World Trade Center Dubai was the IPM 2013 Wedding Table Championship. With 20 entries from different parts of the world, two Filipinos  who are currently working as head florist in one of the top floriculture industries in UAE were among the top winners.

IPM Dubai 2013  aims to promote the latest innovations, products and practices from the horticultural industries around the globe.

Renato Villanueva, Head Florist of Shirin Flowers FZCO, won the First Prize #IPMDubai-UAE2013
Renato Villanueva, Head Florist of Shirin Flowers FZCO, won the First Prize for Wedding Table Championship #IPMDubai-UAE2013
Leomar A. Inocente, Head Florist of Oleander Trading Dubai, holds his certificate as 2nd prize of Wedding Table Championship #
Leomar A. Inocente, Head Florist of Oleander Trading Dubai, holds his certificate as 2nd prize for Wedding Table Championship  #IPMDubai-UAE2013
Entry from Patrick van Hesselingen (Germany) Head Florist of CONTEMPO (DIFC) LLC won 3rd Prize for Wedding Table Championship #
Entry from Mr. Patrick van Hesselingen of Netherlands/Holland, a Dutch Master Floral Designer  and Manager of Premier Clients Group. Flowers: CONTEMPO (DIFC) LLC , 3rd Prize winner for Wedding Table Championship #IPMDubai-UAE2013


Entry from Ganesk Madiyan Veedu won as Visitor's Favourite #IPMDubai-UAE2013
Entry from Ganesk Madiyan Veedu won as Visitor’s Favourite #IPMDubai-UAE2013

DSC_1048DSC_1047 DSC_1049 DSC_0896 DSC_0899

The world’s Largest Chocolate Truffle Mosaic



         Another Emiratis achievement this year that UAE should be proud of as they broke the record for the largest chocolate truffle mosaic. 

The Guinness World Record awarded the official certificate to Za’ abeel Palace Hospitality of Dubai for  a record breaking.  The said 404 square meters truffle chocolate mosaic has an EXPO 2020 logo in the middle covered with 360,000 pieces white chocolates.

The formation of this giant chocolates mosaic was completed by 85 students.

Emirati businesswoman Sara Rashed Al Sanqiti, who runs ‘Minilicious’ in Dubai conceived this idea in line with the inaugural  of Dubai World Hospitality Championship (DWHC) with the theme: “Continuing the Legacy of Emirati Hospitality”.

Shaikha Al Mutawa from the local championship committee of Dubai World Hospitality Championship, said: “Dubai has raised the bar and set uncompromising standards for itself and its people. DWHC is a testimony to the fact that with hard work and boundless talent it is still possible to revive the half-forgotten magic of timeless culinary traditions, and present them in a manner that is interesting to today’s generation. We are thrilled to be a part of this historic cookery championship, and these records are our way of expressing our gratitude and appreciation to the UAE.”

DWHC is an event to showcase  the skills in culinary from different countries. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, UAE, USA, and Wales were among the countries who joined the competition held last Nov. 16-18, 2013 at The World Trade Center Dubai, UAE.

DSC_0963DSC_0970DSC_0974DSC_0978 DSC_0979 DSC_0980 DSC_0982DSC_0989 DSC_0988 DSC_0990 DSC_0919 DSC_0920DSC_1002 DSC_0999 DSC_0986 DSC_0997 DSC_0950

What I am Reading Today

ImageFlying high: World’s best airlines revealed

THE Flying Kangaroo has leaped back into a prestigious list of the world’s best airlines, only to be outdone by its partner airline.

Qantas has been voted the tenth best airline in the world according to the Skytrax World Airline Awards, the world’s largest survey of air passengers spanning 160 countries with over 18 million respondents.

But its partner airline Emirates stole the limelight, taking out the top spot and booting Qatar – last year’s winner – down to second place. Emirates, which placed number eight last year, also won best inflight entertainment.

Scroll down for the full list of winners

Qantas and Emirates launched a partnership this year seeing all of the Australian airline’s flights to Europe stop over in Dubai, a move that raised concerns more Australians could land in trouble. Depending on where in Europe passengers are flying to, they may switch to Emirates planes or stay on Qantas aircraft. These survey results may have some passengers wishing for the swap!

The Skytrax results are a victory for Qantas. Since 2008, when it was named the world’s third best airline, Qantas had fallen out of favour with Skytrax – it was beaten by Virgin Australia last year for the title of Australia’s best airline.

Budget offshoot Jetstar was named the best low-cost airline in the Australia Pacific for the third consecutive year, and the second-best in the world after AirAsia.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said it has been a big year for the airline, with fleet improvements and new products including mattresses for international business class, updates to menus and wine lists and the use of iPads to stream inflight entertainment.

“Skytrax is a leading indicator of passenger satisfaction. For both Qantas and Jetstar Airways to be recognised as two of the best reflects our investment in creating great travel experiences,” Mr Joyce said.

“We now have one of the youngest fleets of any legacy airline in the world. We have invested in more training, new lounges and better on-board products. We pride ourselves on safety and on being the most on-time airline in Australia. The Skytrax result shows how these efforts add up to create a superior experience for passengers.”

Top 10 airlines in the world

1. Emirates
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. ANA All Nippon Airways
5. Asiana Airlines
6. Cathay Pacific Airways
7. Etihad Airways
8. Garuda Indonesia
9. Turkish Airlines
10.Qantas Airways

Winners in other categories

World’s best premium economy class: Air New Zealand
World’s best low-cost airline: AirAsia
World’s best aircraft cabin cleanliness: ANA
World’s best economy class onboard catering: Asiana Airlines
World’s best cabin staff: Cathay Pacific Airways
World’s best regional airline: Dragonair
World’s best first class: Etihad Airways
World’s best economy class: Garuda Indonesia
Best low-cost airline in Australia / Pacific: Jetstar Airways
World’s best first class lounge: Lufthansa
World’s best airline signature dish: Malaysia Airlines
Best airline Australia / Pacific: Qantas Airways
World’s best business class: Qatar Airways
Best staff service in Australia / Pacific: Virgin Australia