Miss Universe 2016 Winners

Miss Universe 2016   –   Miss France

First Runner-Up        –   Miss Haiti

Second Runner-Up   –   Miss Columbia

Top 6

  1. Miss France
  2. Miss Kenya
  3. Miss Colombia
  4. Miss Philippines
  5. Miss Thailand
  6. Miss Haiti

Top 9

  1. Miss USA
  2. Miss Thailand
  3. Miss France
  4. Miss Mexico
  5. Miss Kenya
  6. Miss Colombia
  7. Miss Canada
  8. Miss Haiti
  9. Miss Philippines

Top 12

1. Miss Kenya

2. Miss Indonesia

3. Miss USA

4. Miss Mexico

5. Miss Peru

6. Miss Panama

7. Miss Colombia

8. Miss Philippines

9. Miss Canada

10. Miss Brazil

11. Miss France

12. Miss Haiti

13. Miss Thailand

Best In National Costume : Miss Myanmar

Miss Congeniality : Miss Korea (Jenny Kim)

Miss Photogenic : Miss Albania (Lindita Idrizi)



Evening Gown #MissUniverse2013Prelims

Evening Gown #MissUniverse2013Prelims

#MissUniverse2013 #EveningGown

White Color: Miss, Netherlands, Miss Honduras, Miss Turkey, Miss Sweden, Miss Ukraine, Miss Slovenia, Miss Paraguay, Miss Indonesia, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Spain, Miss Serbia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Korea, Miss Colombia, Miss China, Miss France, Miss Israel

See the coronation night of 2013 MISS UNIVERSE Competition on November 9 at 9pm ET • Crocus City Hall, Moscow (Photo credit to the owner)

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