Brave Miss World – Trailer

Brave Miss World – Theatrical Trailer from Brave Miss World on Vimeo.

I haven’t seen this film but I’ll make sure ill watch it before the year ends.
The feature length documentary Brave Miss World tells the story of former Miss World Linor Abargil, who was violently raped just prior to the pageant, and her fight to heal and put her attacker behind bars. The film explores the trauma and stigma of sexual assault, through one woman’s inspiring journey from teenage victim to empowered survivor, lawyer and advocate. Linor is determined to take rape out of the shadows and bring it into the light by reaching out to others whose lives have been impacted by sexual violence. From the streets of Mumbai to college campuses in the U.S., the lack of justice available to survivors of rape is among the most critical issues of our times.


Evening Gown #MissUniverse2013Prelims

Evening Gown #MissUniverse2013Prelims

#MissUniverse2013 #EveningGown

White Color: Miss, Netherlands, Miss Honduras, Miss Turkey, Miss Sweden, Miss Ukraine, Miss Slovenia, Miss Paraguay, Miss Indonesia, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Spain, Miss Serbia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Korea, Miss Colombia, Miss China, Miss France, Miss Israel

See the coronation night of 2013 MISS UNIVERSE Competition on November 9 at 9pm ET • Crocus City Hall, Moscow (Photo credit to the owner)